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    In a galaxy not too far away, nestled within a town similar to Hobbiton, is a studio where freelance artist Sam Skyler is making a new creation for the world to see.

    The love she has for storytelling and nerd culture is as strong as Valyrian steel. Forging that together with a fiery passion and a solid work ethic has awarded her an Emmy and several various accomplishments for her art, airbrush paintings, cosplays, and other colorful creations.

    She hopes to inspire others to find their own superpowers, take risks, and to live life outside the Pokeball. Creating and sharing all of her YouTube videos is something that she is extremely passionate about, and her ambition is that she can help others break out of their shells and let loose their creative Hulks.

    Using her diverse artistic talent, her mission is the hope that she can energize, inspire and connect with others, to infinity and Beyond!