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      Spirit & Story, Nerd Inspired Fashion Trailer

      Spirit & Story, Nerd Inspired Fashion Trailer

      Today’s the Day! Many of you might have seen the soft launch on my instagram, but today is the “official launch” of my new Nerd Inspired Fashion Line. (I picked Jan 3, for JRR Tolkien’s birthday, since I’m a hobbit and all. That’s why I included the Gandalf costume I made for Alex in this video, to pay tribute to LotR) 

      This video shares my vision, Spirit & Story. These two words are the building blocks for everything that I create, and I hope that my designs inspire you too! 

      A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who already ordered Wayfinder Scarves, I hope you are enjoying them on your journeys. I now have scarves in stock and ready for your new adventure!


      Let’s be Wayfinders together! 

      I promise to do my absolute best to create pieces that are infused with spirit and story to help inspire and encourage you. 

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to infinity and beyond!


       Watch the video on YouTube: